Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Turning An Old Linksys Router Into a Repeater and Using it with MagicJack

I was cleaning out my garage this past weekend and ran into this piece of hardware. So, I powered it on and did a hard reset. Boom! It worked fine. So, what should I do with it?

Recently, I've been looking for a cheap router that has a repeater setting so that I can move a MagicJack Plus phone from one location in the house to another. Of course, without having to run a network cable. Running into this Linksys router was a blessing. I did a quick Google search and found the solution I needed. I could simply upgrade the firmware with DD-WRT and configure the settings.

Here's the link to the main website. You can look up your router and see if it's compatible.

Here are the instructions and downloads for my specific Linksys router [WRT54G Ver. 6]

As detailed as the instructions are, this can be difficult for those that have never configured a home router. So, try at your own risk. Ot, you can get an experienced friend to help you out. Good Luck.

Here's my finished project:

Works perfectly. No extra computer needed. And, completely free if you have the available equipment. So, if you have an extra router laying around and you want to move your MagicJack Plus (or the new MagicJack Go) phone to another location, this will be a great solution for you.

Thank goodness for the awesomeness of Wifi.

Another helpful link for setting up a Linksys Repeater:

- Vincent @ RapidTech

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