Thursday, January 3, 2019

You Can Now Earn Stars By Watching RapidTech On Facebook

I've been streaming for a good while on Twitch. I love gaming. I've been playing video games since I was a kid. I love the tech and the community. Now, I'm bringing streaming to the RapidTech Facebook page: 

With your support through the years RapidTech is now a member of the Level Up Program. This gives me access to more features and now I can accept Stars during stream.

Stars are a form of currency that can be purchased and donated during a live stream. However, you don't have to purchase Stars unless you want to. You can also earn them by going to a live stream and watching. You may be given stars without having to purchase them while watching and supporting your favorite streamer. 

Any Stars that are donated will go towards expenses for Free Tune Up Saturday where I'll give free computer tune ups on the third Saturday of every month. Details still need to be ironed out. So, look out for a future post for more details about Free Tune Up Saturdays.

But, it's not all about Stars, gaming, and computer service when I stream. My main goal while streaming is to reach out and chat. Come by and say hi. Tell me how your day is going. That's what I love about streaming.

If you don't want to purchase Stars but still want to help, I got you. The RapidTech Patreon page is live and updated. Starting at only $2 a month you can support the Facebook Live Stream and RapidTech Podcast. You'll also find great pledge tiers where I offer unlimited computer service for a low monthly pledge. Go to the RapidTech Patreon page for more info: 

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