Tuesday, October 29, 2019

HP Beats Laptop CPU Fan Install [Video]

In this video, I disassemble an HP Beats Laptop to replace a CPU fan that is no longer working. This problem is causing the laptop to over heat and shutdown suddenly. 

All the screws are on the bottom. remove them all. Slide out the optical drive. Don't forget the small screw in the optical drive slot. Remove the rubber feet on the back of the laptop. Remove the screws found underneath and then remove the small panels. A couple of screws will be exposed and those will need to be removed. And, that's it. 

Now, it's a matter of unsnapping and removing the top panel to reveal the motherboard. Be careful with the ribbon cables that connect the keyboard, touchpad, and power button. A few more screws, and the motherboard, CPU fan, and heat sink are out. Now, all that is left is replacing the fan and putting everything back together.

This is a solidly built laptop. No flimsy parts to worry about.

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